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July — August 2024

Tap into the world's fastest-growing Web3 region

ETH South East Asia (SEA) taps into the rich talent pool within emerging markets through an online hackathon coupled with IRL workshops.

ETH SEA is part of Coinfest Asia

Organized by ICN, the organizer of Coinfest Asia.

Why Participate at ETH SEA

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Talent Pool

Instantly tap into the rich talent pool of developers across South East Asia.

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Emerging Markets

Uncover the fastest growing Web3 market, where 60% of crypto adoption is dominated by emerging markets in Asia

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Amplify your brand to hyper growth market through our online & offline programs.

Build on top protocols and win a total $50,000 prize pool!

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What’s on ETH SEA

Eth Sea (Hackathon(Online) - Boards)

Hackathon (Online)

Build and innovate creative solutions in Web3.

Eth Sea (HackerHouse(Offline) - Boards)

Builders Hut @ Coinfest Asia

Engage directly with fellow builders, project founders, and creators in crafting your projects.

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1 July

Open Registration

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20 July - 10 August

Hackathon (Online)

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22 August

Demo Day
@ Coinfest Asia

Bali, Indonesia

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23 August

Awarding Day
@ Coinfest Asia

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